Below is a list of basic services provided by Alpha Virtual Assistant Services. If you do not see the particular task that you are looking for, please contact us. On most occasions, we have a Virtual Assistant who can fulfill your needs.
  • E-Newsletter design and generation
  • Word Processing
  • Document Formatting
  • Copyediting, grammar, and punctuation assistance
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Website Design / Edits / Updates
  • Graphic Design
  • Transcription
  • Database Management
  • Cloud File Management
  • Mail Merge / Form Letters / Labels / Mailings
  • Human Resource Administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Spreadsheet / Chart Creation
  • Data Entry
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Event Planning
  • Appointment Scheduling / Synchronizing / Calendar Maintenance
  • Email / Mail Screening and Response
  • Scanning
  • Resume Preparation
  • File Archiving
  • Internet File Sharing, Scheduling
  • Personal Assistant
  • Research
  • Purchasing
New Ways to Use a Virtual Assistant
Whether you have a project in mind, or are simply considering the ways in which a Virtual Assistant might be of assistance to your business, we highly recommend that you read:
101 Plus Ways to use a Virtual Assistant” (in PDF)
This article provides an extensive list of the growing ways other professionals are utilizing this exceptional resource to energize, super-size, organize, and professionalize their businesses. Along with commonly associated tasks, you will find a number of innovative suggestions for getting the most out of your Virtual Assistant relationship. Examples include:
Desktop Publishing – A new entrepreneur needs a tri-fold brochure for their new business. A VA can design, type and print a tri-fold brochure and may use client-provided art.
Research – A client needs a hotel conference room for a seminar and telephones a VA to do some research. The VA contacts several hotels in the area to find availability of the date, size, and specifics of the seminar The VA obtains written quotes from the hotels that can accommodate the request. The VA reviews each quote for completeness and reports the findings to the client.
Database Management – A client faxes copies of business cards he has gathered at a presentation to a VA. The VA enters the information into a contact database, uses mail-merge to produce a follow-up letter, uses a signature font (and color ink) to sign the client’s name, and mails all letters.
Mail Services – A client who travels frequently returns to a stack of mail and sometimes misses important correspondence. All mail can be forwarded to a post office box near a VA. The VA can retrieve and review the mail, fax or overnight to the client’s hotel urgent items, respond to routine matters, and forward items to the client’s office that can wait for the client’s return.
Bookkeeping – A client needs bill-paying services. The client collects bills and mails them to the VA twice a month. The VA sets up a checking account with payment authorization for both the client and the VA. As the bills are prepared for payment, the VA notifies the client how much money to deposit into the account. The bills are then paid.
Marketing – A client wants to monitor customer satisfaction. The VA types a customer feed-back questionnaire, mails to customers, receives the completed questionnaire, summarizes the responses and issues a report to the client.
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