AVAS provides high quality services at competitive rates that are within industry standards for our region and skill level. Contact us to request a personalized quote for your project. We offer two categories of services:

  • Concierge style, a-la-carte services for those with specific, short-term project needs, and

  • Long-term contract support, with reduced rates for monthly retainers, ensuring that your Virtual Assistant sets aside dedicated hours specifically for your business.

Cheap Labor Doesn’t Come Cheap

Successful businesses have learned that paying a little more to have something done right the first time often ends up costing less in the long run than paying to have something re-done, or apologizing to your clients for embarrassing mistakes.

If you are simply looking for a cheap source of administrative labor, you are welcome to post your job on a local job board or try one of the outsourcing services available from overseas. We are confident you will find someone willing to work for the rate you have in mind. Don’t be surprised, however, when you find that you get what you pay for. Many individuals advertising themselves as Virtual Assistants turn out to be just people who own a personal computer and feel that they can make an easy income doing ‘secretary work’, with only basic skills and little, if any, real experience.

If, however, you would prefer to have a successful, $60K Executive Assistant working on your project for a fraction of what you would have to pay to have her working for you full-time, we think you’ll be impressed with the caliber of our candidates. Most have multiple years of experience working directly with C-level executives in a traditional corporate atmosphere; others have spent a decade or more as successful Virtual Assistants; several have specialized backgrounds in fields such as human resources and web marketing. All of them have worked hard to perfect their skills and have proven themselves to be valued and indispensable team members.

Actual Costs: Virtual Support vs. In-House Employee

Unlike in-house staff, Virtual Assistants are independent contractors. Therefore, you pay only for actual hours spent working on your project. You don’t have to pay for employee extras, including breaks, vacations, employment taxes, and benefits. Virtual Assistants are responsible for providing their own computers, office supplies, and facilities.

Studies have shown that regular, on-site employees routinely spend less than half their workday actually working. Although they are being paid for a full-day’s work, the majority of their time is spent on such non-work-related activities as: talking with co-workers, making personal phone calls, surfing the internet, stretching their breaks and lunches, and unnecessary “busywork”.  Even though a glance around the office may show a lot of “activity” being generated, it doesn’t mean that there is a lot of “productivity” being accomplished.

Independent Contractors, on the other hand, are only allowed to bill their clients for actual time spent working on that client’s project, and must keep and provide accurate records when invoicing. High caliber Virtual Assistants follow a strict code of professional ethics and can be counted on to manage their time effectively to provide high-quality work in a timely manner.

Do you want it done, or do you want it done right?